The Innovative AusCarrier

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The Innovative AusCarrier

AusCarrier-01-e13958132867905th Dimension Design was recently invited to co-present the AusCarrier, a vehicle attachment for transporting mobility aides including mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs, at a recent LifeTec Expo.  LifeTec is an organization of Health Professionals who offer free specialist information and advice to assist people of varying ages and abilities to remain independent. The theme of the expo was to showcase various vehicle modifications and accessories available that provide solutions to those who require mobility assistance.

The AusCarrier is a unique vehicle accessory that is fitted to the rear of any vehicle, allowing for transportation of mobility aides, electric wheelchairs and scooters. The AusCarrier received an overwhelmingly positive response and was recognised as a successful way to keep individuals with mobility limitations engaged in the community.

Additionally, the AusCarrier has been certified for use nationally and has been approved to receive subsidy under the Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme.

If you would like to learn more about 5th Dimension Designs services and solutions contact us on 07 4635 0555 for more information on the subsidy visit Queensland Government Website.


Gold Coast Icon calls on 5th Dimension Design


 The Hilton Gold Coast is the city’s most up-to-the-moment five-star hotel, offering an unparalleled capacity and reputation for quality and service. Located in the heart of the vibrant metropolitan area, the Hilton hotel is an iconic Gold Coast venue, and a leader in its field.

Recently, 5th Dimension Design designed a Safe Access platform for the roof of the Hilton Tower, allowing access to the sides and front face of the building for cleaning and maintenance personnel. Aesthetically speaking, the platform could not interfere with the overall ‘look’ of the hotel and was required to operate without damaging the interior fit out.

Not afraid of a challenge, 5th Dimension Design designed and submitted for manufacture the platform off site, traveled 32 floors in an elevator, and walked two flights of stairs to assemble the Safe Access platform on the roof.

The finished design incorporated a custom designed stair access to a workbasket, attached to the inside of the front facade of the building.  A pulley system moves the workbasket along the rail and positions it in the required sections allowing safe access to all points of the building. Securely fixed points for harnessing and abseiling were also added to further extend the reach available.

This project literally took 5th Dimension Designs to new heights! Here are some great photos of our work with the Hilton Gold Coast, showing the lengths (and heights) we went to, to make this idea a reality.


Castpoints – Client Collaborations

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.40.47 AM

5th Dimension Design are pleased to have worked with Castpoints, specialists in scientifically engineered drill points. Russell, 5th Dimension Design’s Principal Designer, worked closely with Bob at Castpoints to engineer each drill point to precise specifications and also provide final 3D rendered images that have been used across promotional collateral, including flyers and the website.

Castpoints website has been upgraded from a static website with basic information regarding the brand to a fully functional online shop front where customers can now place direct orders.


Great product design from the start can save you money!


How to reduce waste and save money when developing a new product?

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland (CCIQ) recently held a series of webinars as part of the ongoing ecoBiz roadshow. The webinar, titled “Waste As A Winner – A Dollar Saved Is A Dollar Made”, focused on how businesses can reduce waste, save the environment and conserve their hip pockets. The webinar can be viewed via the CCIQ YouTube channel here:

The design process at 5th Dimension Design includes the procedure of waste minimisation. It involves efforts to minimise resource and energy use during manufacture. The goal is to produce the same commercial output, usually with fewer materials and less waste produced.

Waste minimisation and resource maximisation for manufactured products can most easily be done at the design stage. 5th Dimension Design work with our clients to understand their needs and design for commercial functionality and structural soundness. Our entire design process is centered around reducing waste, creating efficiencies through clever design and applying considerations to manufacturing processes and capabilities resulting in cost savings in the finished product.

The most appropriate time to assess a design for waste minimisation is during the design process.  5th Dimension Design applies a strict process of analysis for movement and collision detection, appropriate material usage and utilisation, and efficiencies in manufacturing during the design phase to identify potential issues before the production of an item has commenced.  This ensures your final product is functional, eliminates the need for prototyping in some cases and minimises human error during production. As you will read in the case study below, during design 5th Dimension Design were able to tweak how an item was designed to reduce raw material costs and provide a functional product from a design concept.

Speak to 5th Dimension Design about your project and learn how you can save resources and money. You can contact us on 07 4635 0555.