Trends of Product Design - Eco Designs

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Trends of Product Design – Eco Designs

Green designs or Eco friendly products are an increasingly popular trend in the product design segment of the industry. As the awareness and demand for environmentally friendly products is rapidly increasing, the need for suitable product designs crafted according to the “going green” theme has become almost a mandatory requirement for product manufacturers.

Eco Product Designing

Eco friendly design trends showcase the use of natural themes, shapes, styles and designs, which appeal to the green conscious market while adding a distinct style to the product. Some eco design products are not ecologically sound, but they are designed with an eye to integrate the environment, colours, textures, and themes which give a manufactured product a unique style.

Most products, manufactured with the eco design trend in focus, ensure the use of specific materials, while ensuring minimum wastage of resources during the manufacturing process. The shipping and production process is analysed for possible impact on the environment.

Products which ensure low energy consumption, prohibit the use of dangerous chemicals and use the latest eco friendly technologies in product design and development are manufactured as per the requirements of the eco design trends.

Sustainable Materials

Eco designs focus on the use of salvaged and sustainable materials which ensure the utilization of important renewable resources for manufacturing products. Recyclable and reusable materials like wood and plastic along with other resource options like cork, bamboo, polyester, wool and others are used in eco product designing.

Eco designs have become the most rapidly growing trend in the sector, prompting the need to provide suitably designed and manufactured products to the target market.

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5th Dimension Design has worked with a number of clients to develop and design products for their business to create environmental solutions.  The Green Wing by Castpoints is a  great example of a product that actively contributes to environmentally friendly and sustainable farming practices.  You can check out all the Castpoints products and benefits on their website.