Trends of Product Design - Stealth Design

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Trends of Product Design – Stealth Design

Inspiration for design can come from colours, shapes, history, functionality, environmental objectives, just about anything.  Some products are easy to see the inspiration behind them.  Products influenced by the Stealth Design Trend are fascinating to look at and the ‘Triangle Framework” isn’t always the first thing you notice.

So what defines the Stealth Design Trend?

With the need to attract the attention of the target market, the stealth design is in the list of the top product styles which are being adopted to give a product a retro and unique look.

The stealth look is generally known as the “triangle design” in which the product is designed and crafted in such a way that small or large triangles constitute its main style. The triangular look is used for the design of products which need to showcase precision, improved dynamics, and clarity.

The stealth design is used to give an edgy yet stylish look to a product. The design is inspired by the aircrafts utilizing stealth technology, but the original edgy and ugly style of the triangular design is modified and refined through 3D technology, to give it a smooth, supple yet edgy look which is very attractive.

This design is gaining wide popularity, and is being utilized by manufacturers for product designing in the furniture, technological gadgets, cutlery, accessories, architecture, glassware and even utensil production.

Significance Of The Design

The stealth product design trend is used to signify and project the quality of a product. This unique design is associated by the target market of manufacturers, with luxury trending and fashionable style. This has prompted a number of manufacturers to opt for stealth designs in their products, to attract customer attention and ensure style while minimizing construction requirements.

The cubism look, along with the crystalline and origami, styles are results of the “triangular” stealth design in product planning.

You could be forgiven for thinking that products designed with a stealth aircraft as its influence is a bit of a stretch, check out this collection of products that are all influenced by The Stealth Design Trend.  You might just be surprised.