Trends of Product Design - Floating Design

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Trends of Product Design – Floating Design

With the various product design trends gaining popularity in the industry every day, one of the latest and increasingly popular style trends is the floating design. The floating design is a unique style which offers exclusive product form and features, offering the opportunity to transform a simple product offering into something much more distinctive and exceptional.

Floating Design Trend- The Modern Twist To Product Creation!

This design style offers a singular perception and design of a product, elevating a regular use product and transforming it into a thing of eye catching magnificence and magic. The distinctive “floating look”, exclusive to the design, which is incorporated in the blueprint model of a particular product, is used to add an element illusion and inspire awe from the spectators.

This design is more popularly used in segments which manufacture products for the express purpose of decorating living spaces, while also offering utility and comfort. Furniture, cutlery, lighting fixtures, and even accessories manufacturing sectors of the industry, make use of this intricate and singular product design trend to distinguish their products from others available in the market, and offer a fascinatingly attractive product.

With the popularity of this design trend in some sectors, other segments of the industry are exploring the potential that this design offers, to create attractive products sporting a modern look, which are both highly functional and striking.

The magic and allure captured in products designed with the illusion of floating on air, captivates users and onlookers alike.